Beurer BG55 Electronic Bathroom Scale

The Beurer BG55 Electronic Bathroom Scale is high quality design of diagnostic glass bathroom scale. They comes on extra large display with 28 mm digit height for clear readout. The display feature show multiple results in single screen for info about interpretation percentage of body weight, fat, water and muscle. Trend display can compared with the average of the last 5 sections. 10 memories memory spaces plus 5 activity levels. Platform surface 32 x 32 cm with 150 kg capacity. Conversion from kilograms, pounds and stones.

Exclusive Feature
* View all values determined at the moment
* interpretation of muscle, body fat and water Percent
* Trend display (Compared your last 5 readings)
* Graduation: 0.1% for body fat, body water and muscle
* Basic calorie + active metabolic rate and bone mass
* Ten private memories ( 5 spaces each memory )

coded by nessus
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