BT Digital Baby Monitor Pacifier

The New Digital Baby Monitor Pacifier has a full range of baby monitors to suit the needs of all parents. They come with a projected light show , HD-sound, MP3 connection and a wider range of lullabies ? giving you complete reassurance by keeping you close to your baby even more peace of mind with your baby. A great baby monitor cans make a real difference. Ensure you buy the right monitor by comparing each monitor’s award-winning features here.

The BT Digital Baby Monitor Pacifier¬† has recently has refreshed its award-winning baby monitor range with the Baby Monitor 200 and 250. Which will develop the way parents use their baby monitors. Baby Monitor Pacifier has a talk-back feature and crystal clear HD sound. Confirming to quiet and relax babies with a “starry night” projected light show combined with a wide range of lullabies. Check the Temperature, Set Reminders – a screen on the parent unit that allows you to check the temperature in the room, as well as change the lullabies and set reminders. Alerts and Reminders – various modes of alerting you to sounds in the baby’s room.


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