Cheap Electronic Nasal Aspirator

This Electronic Nasal Aspirator is the UK equivalent of the Olaf nasal aspirator available in Germany which is exclusively developed for the removal of unwanted nasal secretions in small children. The baby nasal aspirator is specifically for removal of lots nasal mucus and safe used by adults only. Dr Bee electronic nasal aspirator will help eliminate a baby’s obstructed or drippy nose. Not fit for medical purposes.

Dr Bee Electronic Nasal Aspirator for Babies and Toddlers

Outstanding Features

  • Dr Bee nasal aspirator is delicately and comfortable removes phlegm and snot by suction from your baby’s nose.
  • Unit washable help to keep clean and decrease chance of bacteria growth
  • Transportable and conveniently designed for best application at home or take a trip.
  • Dr Bee nasal aspirator is battery operated for easy and convenient to use and portable.


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