Duronic LS1013 Digital Luggage-Bag-Suitcase Scales

Duronic LS1013 Digital Scales have an accurate measure of your luggage weight before travelling, measure selections in both kg and lb for your comfort.

This Duronic LS1013 Digital Luggage scale has been designed convenient to use, with locating digital display on top of the scales so you do not need to lift the luggage higher or stoop down to check out the weight, stainless steel top and comfy grip designs integrated. Top quality scales which are part of this model so it will be a reliable and accurate measure in kg, st, lb. You can measuring bags and luggage up to 50 KG in weight. Luggage strap made of the highest quality material clips and woven nylon this strap is built to last. Easy pull off battery cover so no need to use screwdrivers to replacement CR2032 batteries (included). Built in ON/OFF switch which means you can turn off when not in use for conserve powers.


coded by nessus
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