Duronic LS1019 Digital Luggage Scales with 50KG Capacity

Duronic LS1019 custom made small and light enough to not become a problem in the luggage, this helpful scale is light-weight easy to pack and has saved any concerns about fees airline luggage rules. Luggage strap easy to connect a bag or suitcase handle to lift the luggage.

Duronic LS1019 Digital Luggage Scales have been easy to use, very easily readable with clear display on top of the device. Additionally, it have green and red light indicator very beneficial when you can not read weigh on digital display. Weaved nylon strap and Metal clips powerful for lifting luggage up to 50 Kg additional measures in lb and st for your convenience.


coded by nessus
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  1. Good Day!!Thank you for sharing this blog about scales i want more idea about scales because i would to buy for my business..

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