Escali Body Fat Bathroom Scale Review

In today’s world of fast food, frozen foods, and macaroni and cheese, it is important to be aware of your body and your weight. In the United States, obesity and ill health have never been at a higher peak than it is in today’s society. Many sources have stated that “Obesity is on the rise” is true, some sources estimate that obesity affects 30% of American adults. This number is absolutely outrageous. More importantly, obesity is an important factor for many diseases And serious conditions.It is important that you take control of your own destiny and learn about your own health.

The body mass index system was established by Quetelet, a Belgian, around 1840. This was a prevailing system that provides easy comparison of height and weight of individuals across social and political boundaries. The BMI is calculated based on the individual’s weight and height. An acceptable value is between 18.5 and 25. Once the body mass index reaches the range of 25-30, they are classified as ‘overweight’. Therefore, a BMI greater than 30 is classified as obese. With this knowledge, we know that 30% of Americans have a body mass index above 30. This is a serious risk for society as a whole and for every person who is obese.

Escali 440lb / 200kg Body Fat/Body Water Monitoring Bathroom Scale

For this reason, the Escali Digital scale has recently launched a new digital scale that tracks this important piece of information for you. At the entrance of your height, this scale will tell you not only the weight but also your body mass index. Also a reproduction of the scale; Which means that you will keep a record of your change and progress as you progress in your diet. It will track up to 10 people for each scale so that the whole family can see their progress and see if they are in progress or a digression.

Escali Body Fat Monitor Scale comes with a large easy to read monitor that displays the data such as weight and body mass index, or squint to pick the smaller numbers. This is a very useful feature for those of us who have a type of visual impairment.

Electronic Body Fat/Body Water Monitor Bathroom Scale

This digital scale also has a very useful feature waiting to allow you to set the scale and still going to display its own weight. The product is ready to use. You just have to get it out of the package, and you’re ready to go.

As for the design of the staircase, it is built very well. Not only will it last (and it has a 5 year warranty), but it will also wake your bathroom. It comes in a nice tempered white glass. So you will go to just about any bathroom fix and can be easily hidden from view, or to the left to highlight and complete your bathroom. It is extremely easy to clean, as it is nothing more than a flat surface (no slots or protrusions, etc.) and will remain a bright target for life.
Escali High-Capacity Digital Bathroom Scale
Overall, I would recommend Escali High-Capacity Bathroom Scale with Body Fat/Body Water Monitoring as a good solution that will let you know your weight and a better measure of your health, body mass index.

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Duronic Bathroom Scale BS201 180KG Touch Sense Electronic Slim Digital Display Silver Glass Platform | Body | Bathroom Scales | 4 Precision Sensors (Personal Care)

Features: The Duronic BS201 set of scales will let you save weight of up to 8 persons. For each person you can do a weight comparison based on your previous weight., If your weight is lower than your last weight, then the display will be green. Blue if no change and red if weight is more, this feature will easily let you know your progress in losing weight even if you don’t remember your last measurement., It has 4 High precision sensors to give you accurate reading all the time. However to get accurate reading – the Duronic bathroom scales must be used on flat hard surface, i.e. Tiles, wooden flooring and concrete., Auto switch on when weight detected with Auto shut down. 180KG capacity with 0.1kg graduation. Please do not use any scales on carpets as this will give you incorrect reading., Large LCD display size: 75 x 30mm to let you easily read the display. Uses 2 X AAA batteries, Measures in kg | lb | st units. 2 Years Warranty Included with all Duronic Bathroom scales.

New From: £9.99 GBP In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Omron HN286 Digital Personal Body Weight Scale (Personal Care)

Features: Flat design – weighing cell technology giving a slim design of less than 2 cm width, Maximum load of 180 kg and 100 g division, Automatic on and off – body weight appears immediately upon stepping on the scale, when you step off it will automatically switch off, Large display – results shown in (73 x 38 mm) LCD screen, Stability and safety are ensured via a large platform together with safety glass (300 x 18 x 300 mm)

New From: £16.40 GBP In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Nokia Body – BMI Wi-Fi Scale, black (Personal Care)

Features: Instant weight insight – See progress during each weigh-in with weight trend screen to stay motivated and know immediately if you are on the right track with BMI, Automatic synchronization – Data from every weigh-in appears in the Health Mate app automatically via Wi-Fi (iOS and Android) and compatibility iOS 8 and higher, android 5.0 and higher, Tailored modes for the family – Keep track on your beloved ones growth with the Baby mode and the Pregnancy mode, Daily weather forecast – Step on your scale to enjoy a localized weather report to help plan your day, Multi-user friendly – Up to 8 users can weigh themselves and access their personal weight history. Nokia Body automatically recognizes who’s who

New From: £47.99 GBP In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Medisana Personal Bathroom Scales Body Fat Composition Analyser PSM (Personal Care)

Features: Bathroom scales with body analysis functions – weight, body fat and water, muscle mass and integrated calorie analysis, Large multifunction display (150 x 45mm) with luminous white digits, Memory slots for 10 measurements in 100g graduations, Convenient ‘step-on’ switch for weight measurement, High-grade stainless steel electrodes and 8mm safety glass

New From: £21.42 GBP In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

VonHaus Electronic Bathroom Scale with a Slim Sleek Design in Black with LCD Display 150kg/330lb (Personal Care)

Features: Stylish & sleek VonHaus glass bathroom scale in black. The glass is 6mm tempered for extra safety., A great addition to the bathroom, and pleasing to the eye with an easy-to-read LCD display! It also has a low battery and an over load indication., Max Capacity: 150kg / 330lb. Graduation: 100g / 0.2lb. Easy Weighing Units: Kilograms (kg) / Pounds (lb)., With Step On, Auto Zero and Auto Power Off functions. The VonHaus bathroom scale is powered by 1 x CR2032 battery, which is INCLUDED!

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Smart Weigh Smart Tare Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Baby or Pet Tare Weighing Technology, Large LCD Display and Tempered Glass Platform, 440lbs/200kg Capacity (Black) (Personal Care)

Features: Smart Technology: Smart Tare bathroom scale has easy tare weighing function to assist with weighing baby or pet, along with three weighing modes: lb, kg and st;lb, High Precision: Four advanced sensors give extremely accurate readings, while auto calibration system ensures consistent, faultless readings each time, Modern Design: Digital scale is designed with a sleek, durable tempered glass platform with a capacity of 440 pounds / 200 kilograms. The blue backlit LCD display shows readings with large visible numbers, Convenience: Made with advanced step-on technology, this bathroom scale gives weight readings immediately with no tapping necessary, large tare button makes using Smart Tare function easy, Features: Scale comes equipped with energy saving auto shut off and low battery indicator. Includes batteries and two year warranty

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Exzact EX912 Smart Body Analysis Scale – Bluetooth 4.0 For Smart Phones iOS (iPhone) – Body Fat / Body Water / Muscle / Bone – Large Capacity: 180 kg/ 400 lb Digital Bathroom Scale / Electronic Weighing Scale (White) (Kitchen & Home)

Features: Apps with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity compatible with iOS devices (Not ready for Android App)., Smart App Graphic Analysis Tool for 6 health indicators: Weight/Fat/Hydration/Muscle/Bone/Kcal, History data storage and analysis integrated with your calendar., Large data storage up to 12 months; Multi user profile in APP up to max 12 persons., High precision weighing sensors: Graduation: 0.1 kg (0.2 lb); Max capacity: 180 kg (400 lb/ 24 st); 3 easy switch models of kg/lb/st; Auto Step-on and Auto Off; Touch Button. Product dimension: 30.2 × 30.2 × 2.2cm, Large LCD display with back light : 7.4 x 3.6 cm; Powered by 2 x 1.5V AAA Batteries (Excluded).

New From: £24.99 GBP In Stock
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