iHealth HS5 Wireless Body Analysis Scale

iHealth HS5 Wireless Body Analysis Scale come with ergonomic and Cutting-edge design. They will provide the best experience to your body composition with advanced technology makes for the smartest scale. The four metal sensors can inform the different characteristics of your body composition. The iHealth HS5 Wireless Body Analysis Scale works with both Android and iOS devices. It will communicate all your data to the iHealth MyVitals app after you connect the scale to your home WiFi network. The free iHealth MyVitals app automatically keeps a history of your data and gives you the option to share your information with your doctor or carer. This smart scale can support up to 20 users which allow for whole family to track their body composition. This smart scale make it easy to set goals, monitor progress and get inspired to manage your personal health in on the go.

iHealth HS5 Wireless Body Analysis Scale

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iHealth HS5 Wireless Body Analysis Scale features ergonomic, cutting-edge design with advanced technology inside. Free iHealth MyVitals app to set goals and reminders, view trends, and plan your records. Share your log calories and daily activities instantly with friends and family. Can be used online or offline and supports whole family use. BMI and visceral fat rating measurements. Batteries included.

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