Joseph Shell Compact Electronic Kitchen Scale

Compact Digital Scale Joseph Shell Compact Electronic Kitchen Scale for fun experience of learning the art of portion control with this sleek and sculptural curved bowl stainless steel makes it easy to measure and pour ingredients, plus doubles as a cover for the device, the storage compact size. You can weigh both liquid and dry food up to a maximum £ 11. The “add weight” function allows you to measure many of the same ingredients in a bowl. Modern design, clever, comfort. With the perfect combination of good design and ease of use, rich functionality, its use in the kitchen.

Joseph Shell Compact Digital Scale

Joseph Joseph Shell Description

This compact digital scale is practical and versatile. Underneath the integrated measuring bowl lift off to reveal a large easy to read LCD display and simple controls. Ready to weigh both liquids and dry foods in the following units – g lb oz fl oz ml, ease measure just upturned bowl on the unit. A convenient add and weigh function also allows multiple ingredients to be weighed in the same bowl during recipe preparation. The scale can weigh up to 5kg/11lb and the compact dimensions are 25 x 14.5 x 10cm.

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