LUPO S-EDS-0109 Precision Digital Kitchen Scales

LUPO S-EDS-0109 Precision Digital Kitchen Scales with its white and slim style, ideal to slide it in somewhere on a shelf or drawer. The high quality LCD display, well large the tare button and zero set button for ease of use and accurate results. It also comes with a wide range of options for the weights, lbs, kilos, grams and ounces. Auto shut off ensure you won’t wastage the batteries.

LUPO Precision Digital Kitchen Scales is perfect digital kitchen scale for a begins measuring from 0.05 -11 lbs and with a tare function, as all my top picks do, this basically allows you to set the scale to zero after adding your weighing receptacle, the oversize buttons make using this model a certainty. They are real space savers, perfect for anyone who wants a clever electronic scale for the kitchen and can be store in to a little space somewhere.


coded by nessus
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