Omron BF212 Electronic Body Fat Scale

The Omron BF212 Body Analysis Scale offers the most comprehensive monitoring system in a safe and stylish design. Measuring up to 150 kg ( 330 lb / 23 st) , this monitor provides detailed information on body mass index and body fat. Omron BF212 has design Slimline and Light weight ( 1.3 kg) includes smart 4 sensor technology and Auto on-Off features.

Omron BF212 Electronic Body Fat Scale

Body weight has a big impact on how happy and healthy you feel in your life . If you are significantly above or below their ideal weight, you can have a detrimental impact on everything from your mood and self-esteem , how you feel energetic. Omron BF212 highly accurate body composition monitor will help , by measuring and recording your weight, you can see how you forward back to your ideal weight. In addition, Omron BF212 also monitor your body fat and calculate your BMI percetage will give a clearer indication of health that is inside.

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