Omron BF214 Electronic Body Composition Monitor

The Omron BF214 Electronic Body Composition Monitor provides the most comprehensive surveillance system in a safe and stylish design. Of up to 150 kg (330 lb / 23 st), this monitor provides detailed information on skeletal muscle, body mass index and body fat. Light weight (1.6 kg) and lean, the BF214 include smart design features such as 4-sensor technology and Auto-Off, ready and comes packaged with batteries, so you can immediately start tracking.

Omron BF214 Electronic Body Composition Monitor

Omron BF214 Electronic Scale offers a comprehensive analysis of the body to help you achieve your fitness goals. Omron monitors can give you the precise and pain-free body weight and fat measurements. This is more than a digital bathroom scale, body composition monitor can help keep you motivated and track your diet or fitness progress or just how to make basic changes in your lifestyle to eat right and exercise more.

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