Omron HN283 Electronic Bathroom Scale

The Omron HN283 is digital personal bathroom scale which the sleek design will look stylish. This electronic bathroom scale is accuracy ability detect the slight weight changes, perfect for checking your weight at home.

Electronic Bathroom Scale

Omron HN283 Electronic Digital Personal Bathroom Scale is very easy ready to use with tapping your foot on the surface plate to turns on and automatically turn off to preserved the battery life. This electronic digital personal bathroom scale has a weighing capacity of 150 kg. Show on The large LCD display is clear and easy to read.

Omron HN283 Key Features

  • 4-Sensor technology that accurately measures your weight.
  • Tap on technology, tap your foot on the scales and they automatically switch on.
  • Safety glass, no sharp edges if scale is broken.
  • Extra large display for easy reading.
  • Rubber pads to prevent slipping.

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