Salter 021 WHDR Diet Kitchen Scales

The Salter 021 WHDR is a simple mechanical diet kitchen scale have storage scoop with snap-on lid making it ideal for travel. Salter Mechanical Aquatronic Kitchen Scale can weigh out ingredients in metric and imperial measures. There are AquaWeigh function lets you measure liquids in ml or fl.oz. The bowl has a pour scoop and easy grip rubber handles for convenient to use. The bowl can inverts over the scale and locks in place for neat and dust-free storage. The Add & Weigh ‘zero’ function enables for weighing a variety of ingredients in the same bowl.

Salter 021 WHDR Diet Kitchen Scales

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Salter 021 WHDR Diet Kitchen Scales Features Compact ideal for travel. Dual purpose storage scoop with snap-on lid. Metric and imperial measures. Maximum Weight: 500 g /16 oz precision in 5g / oz. 10 Year Guarantee.

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