Salter 089Whdr Add & Weigh Mechanical Kitchen Scale

Salter 089Whdr Add & Weigh Mechanical Kitchen Scale come with simplicity of the design. This scale very easy to use, simply turn base to zero when the jug is in place for easy to read weighing. the 1.5 Litre weighing jug is big enough to use as a mixing bowl. Jug lightweight and durable made from plastic microwaveable and dishwasher, freezer safe.

Salter 089Whdr Add & Weigh Mechanical Kitchen ScaleSalter 089Whdr Add & Weigh Mechanical Kitchen Scale Details:

– Add & Weigh Jug Scale by Salter.

– 1.5 litre jug marked in fluid ounces, litres, pints and US cup graduations.

– Jug Made from toughened plastic with the jug inverting over the base for storage.

– Colour: White- Maximum Capacity: 2.2kg (5lbs) in 25gram (1oz) measures

– 10 year guarantee
Product Description:

Jug inverts over scale for neat, dust free storage. This sturdy Jug Scale is ideal for those who frequently bake cakes and puddings. The Add and Weigh facility is also handy for baking, and the jug is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

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