Salter 9068 WH3R Eco Electronic Bathroom Scale

The Salter 9068 WH3R was earliest Eco-friendly electronic bathroom scale from Salter, these Solar Powered Electronic Scale has a stylish toughened glass platform with an easy to read display. Support preserve the environment while you can keep track of your personal weight, without any batteries required the Salter Eco Solar Powered Electronic scales work with natural or artificial light.

Salter 9068 Eco electronic bathroom scale is powered by light which works in both natural and artificial lighting making this bathroom scale no electric batteries power require. This Scale has a large stylish toughened glass platform for generous foot room together with step on for an instant reading on easy read LCD display. They measures your weight up to 150kg / 23st / 330lb in 0.1 kg/0.2 lb increments.


coded by nessus
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