Salter 9148 Touch Body Fat Analyser Scale

The Salter 9148 is Body Fat Analyser Scale which can be used as a conventional scale. This bathroom scales has simply step on and it displays your weight. They are not only weighing when you enter your age and height it also giving you a more accurate reading of your overall health and fitness. There are 10 user memory which happens to be perfect for large families too. It also features a toughened safety glass platform and touch controls.

Salter 9148 Touch Body Fat Analyser Scale

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Salter 9148 WH3R Touch Body Fat Analyser Scale Features Compact toughened safety glass platform. Step on for instant reading. Easy to read backlit display. Touch controls. 10 user memory. Athlete mode. BMI and BMR analysis. Checking body fat and body water percentage. Muscle and Bone mass. Weighing selection: 180kg x 0.1kg (28st 8lb x 1/4lb).

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