Salter 9148 WH3R Body Fat Analyser Scale

Salter 9148 WH3R touch Analyser Scale has a compact tempered glass platform, meaning it’s easy to store, but it also has an easy to read backlit dashboard. Keeping track of your health is something more than a simple weight reading today -. It is about understanding the overall health of the body and track changes over weeks and months, particularly if you are on a diet or training for a marathon, is MiBody designed to make this possible. The results are transferred to your computer via the included USB sticks, and once installed you can manage and analyze the results using MiBody computer program. The scale has a 10 user memory can store up to 30 results per person, and are therefore ideal for use by individuals and groups. Dimensions 25.2 cm x 25.2 cm x 2.6 cm.

Salter 9148 WH3R Body Fat Analyser Scale

Salter 9148 WH3R Body Fat Analyser Scale Features: Measures body weight, fat, water, muscle & bone mass, BMI and basal metabolic rate. Compact Tempered Glass Platform. Touch controls. Easy to read backlit dashboard. 10 user memory.

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