Salter Mixing Bowl Electronic Scale

Electronic Mixing Bowl Scale

Salter Mixing Bowl Electronic Scale Description

Salter Mixing Bowl Electronic Scale is easy to use and very accurate set of scales with a trivial function. It could be switched from imperial to metric measurements with the push of a button. Big shatterproof bowl for mixing liquid and dry ingredient, non slip and compact base. Reading as zero if you use a bowl or other container.

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Salter Mixing Bowl Scale Key Features

Aquatronic : measures liquids as well as dry ingredients; Capacity : 5 kg/11 lb or 5l/175 fl.oz; Graduation : 1 g/1/8 oz or 1ml/1.8 fl. oz; Dimensions : 511 x 505 x 194 mm; Shatter Resistant 2.5 litre Mixing Bowl

Highly Recommend Electronic Scales with Mixing Bowl

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