Salter StowAWeigh 409 SVDR Mechanical Bathroom Scale

Salter StowAWeigh 409 SVDR  going on well designed, stored neatly in the corner of the bathroom, and easy to wipe clean. Scale reading accuracy, reliability, and consistent with the solid surface. There is no problem of having to put it in the same place at the time to read everyone. This mechanical bathroom scale also a small plastic item are made possible due to global warming. Does not require a continual supply of batteries. They are guaranteed for 15 years!

Mechanical Bathroom ScaleSalter StowAWeigh 409 SVDR Features

  • The Salter Stow A Weigh compact mechanical scale comes complete with a large easy read dial.
  • 21st / 133kg max capacity.
  • Stand for ease of storage in the most compact bathroom space.
  • Salter 15 year guarantee.


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