Seca Elegantia 815 Electronic Scale

The Seca Elegantia 815 is a extremely low platform digital bathroom scale. This Seca Elegantia 815 Electronic Scale coming with modern black and white on beautiful unique wave design and durable build. Making Seca elegantia 815 is a real treasure in any bathroom or easily wellness.

Seca Elegantia 815 Electronic Scale

Seca Elegantia 815 Electronic Scale Description:

The seca elegantia 815 is a real gem in any bathing or wellness facility. The modern black and white design is enhanced by an elegant, wavelike display element. These scales also provide you with the advantages which are so typical for seca – high precision, intelligent functions and easy operation. Accuracy and design combined for a sophisticated weighing experience. Wave design for comfortable weighing: The display element of the seca elegantia 815 is shaped like a wave which slopes slightly towards the user – a beautiful detail which also makes the result easier to read. The large, 29 mm high numerals also guarantee the speedy and convenient determination of the weight. High capacity and stability: Due to the high capacity, the seca elegantia 815 ensures reliable weight control – up to 180 kg. The especially large platform provides a comfortable, safe footing. The high-quality material of the scales also stands for high stability. The enhanced surface hardness of the plastic material protects the seca elegantia 815 against knocks and scratches. Energy-saving and low-maintenance: The energy-saving automatic switch-off and the low power consumption support the durability of the seca elegantia 815. Should, however, the batteries have to be renewed this is indicated in good time by a symbol in the display element. The seca 815 is well-suited for fitness centers, hotels and private households.

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