Soehnle 66171 Stainless Steel Kitchen Weighing Scale

Soehnle 66171 has design excellent quality, absolute precision, and a sleek design makes these scales best sellers. These Stainless Steel Kitchen Weighing Scale presents high technological competence and experience with a wide range of products, in line with the market for decades. Oriented to customer needs, Soehnle is the market leader of the stairs and the kitchen staff as well as a trendsetter for innovative, high quality. One for the pro! As is common in professional kitchens, Attraction kitchen digital scale super-plate is made of stainless steel of high quality and therefore hygienic and easy to clean. Of course it is durable and features an easy to read LED display with blue backlight. The innovative patented sensor technology responds to the slightest touch touch, makes the operation simple and practical work. With a height of only 16 mm, this scale is super trendy dishes variables: if your case of solids or liquids, grams or milliliters – able to handle it all with ease. Load capacity up to 5 kg, accuracy of classification 1 gram or 1 ml and sleep power saving function are the norm Attraction daily. If this does not deserve any stars!

Soehnle 66171 Stainless Steel Kitchen Weighing Scale

Soehnle 66171 Stainless Steel Kitchen Weighing Scale Features: Innovative and patented touch sensor provides a feature-Add weight work easy and convenient. LED illuminated screen.-large can be switched between weight and Vol.-function. automatic power saving feature provides a 5 year warranty. Specifications:-Maximum capacity of 11 pounds with an accuracy of 0.04 oz graduation weighing

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