Tanita BC545 Glass Electronic Bathroom Scale

Tanita BC545 Glass Electronic Bathroom Scale Eminent Features:

Tanita body fat monitor and control the body composition analysis of resistance. Bioelectrical (BIA) to calculate the results. Time Innerscan control will include a 3-year warranty and includes batteries and full instructions. The main features include analysis,% body fat and body water%, visceral markers in healthy fats, bone mass, muscle mass, body score, the number of calories per day, age, metabolism and function. athletes, log functions. The percentage points Tanita body composition monitors used to track the percentage chance of continuing the program, health / exercise. Within a week, every day, 52 on weekly and monthly for 36 months in all measures over 4 user memories for the history and how the arrival of the – off.

Tanita BC545 Glass Electronic Bathroom Scale Description:

Based on the latest technology and research to determine body composition, Tanita has a new generation of products for customers to create a more detailed and accurate. Has five sections – one for each of the limbs and torso of the user on the four panels on the platform of the scale and gently pulls the hand electrodes that is past. With the retractable cable. Check for signs of eight low-power hand and the foot of the body through resistance. (Analysis of the resistance to Bio – electric or BIA) is entered into the equation of this research is to provide an accurate reading and composition of the body.

Especially for sports and fitness evaluation. The impact of training programs on the composition of their bodies, and articulated this unique product. For people who read differently in the body of the five parts of the body in the arms, legs and body, each hand Clasped to the composition of the entire body to execute with speed and accuracy, increased functionality, the calendar. And a comparison chart shows the history of each part of the body. Reading and composition of the entire body so that the user can progress. In their day in the week, week and month after month for three years and easy to use the illustrations and animations clear.


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