Tanita BC601 Body Composition Monitor Scale

Tanita BC601 Innerscan Segmental is an ideal Body Composition Monitor Scale for any one who is serious about improving overall health, and monitoring the effectiveness of the exercise. You will be able to track personal or group progress.

Tanita BC601 Body Composition Monitor Scale will be able to see the progress and personal development, health and fitness. Many factors determine the overall health at the most comprehensive and accurate. Tracking your body fat and muscle mass to suggest the amount of calories and the level of moisture. This electronic body fat scale allows you to customize your workout and your diet will help to achieve maximum physical performance. The body fat scale have precisely with Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA), all your body progress will be automatically stored on the SD card (included) for ease of use. Extra large color LCD screen designed retractable cord, making it is easy to read and easy to store unit.


coded by nessus
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