Weight Watchers 8991BU Precision Body Analyser Electronic Scale

Weight Watchers 8991BU Precision Body Analyser is simply designed make It may not look too fancy on the outside, but simply brilliant for body analysis and weight loss, this is one of the most advanced technology for trusted in successful weight management.

The Weight Watchers 8991BU is clever and affordable electronic scale accurately measures your body’s overall fitness. Designed  large buttons for easy operated with your toes. Weight Watchers 8991BU will analysis your body weight to your body water.
The Weight Watchers 8991BU Precision Body Analyser is not too expensively comparision with functionality. Whether you’re trying to lose weight for the long time or just want to fit up for a big event.

Weight Watchers 8991BU Precision Body Analyser Electronic ScaleProduct Features

– Accurately measures fitness level, body weight, BMI, body fat and body water to keep you motivated.
– Clearly displayed colour indicator bars provide instant analysis of low, normal or high readings.
– Easy to use memory function displays readings for up to 10 users on large, multi-info LCD screen.
– Choice of measurement in stone, kilograms or pounds up to maximum of 23 st 8 lb / 150 kg / 300 lb.
– Long life guaranteed with impact resistant platform, powerful lithium battery and 10 year warranty.

Product Description

Advanced measurement to keep your body on the right track. After working hard to lose weight, there is nothing more rewarding than stepping onto a bathroom scale and seeing results. Now imagine if you could see results for more than just body weight. Overall body health means more than just losing weight. That’s why the Precision Body Analyser gives you two weight management modes: Weight Only and Body Analysis.Quick and clear overall body analysis at the toe of a button. The Precision Body Analyser couldn’t be easier to use. Of course, it always helps to read the manual, but after that we’re sure you’ll have the scale fully operational within minutes. And once you do, there’s so much you can do with it!The Precision Body Analyser scale is a highly sensitive measuring instrument. When such a highly sensitive scale is placed on soft surfaces like carpeting, it can sometimes result in inconsistent readings.

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